Why is Email Marketing Good for Small Businesses?

Email marketing for small businesses can make a marketing strategy to send emails to their new and existing customers.

Email marketing is known as the direct marketing tool which helps to reach your new and existing target audience and thus, engage with them and increase your sales.

It is an effective way and is easily manageable by the small business owners to connect with the new candidate by converting them into customers of their business.

As per the study done in the United Kingdom, 39% of marketers reflected that 10% of their sales could be attributed to email marketing.

63% of respondents reported the best ROI (Return on Investment) when marketing tactics integrated with email marketing as the study done by UK Marketers. source:

Email marketing has best ROI
Email marketing has the best ROI

The email marketing tool is used for the targeted list of audiences and distribute email messages. Different types of action can be taken with the help of email marketing tools such as targeting a set of audiences based on behavior from your target list and track campaign performance like opening rate of emails and number of clicks on the links.

Email marketing services are important for small businesses as they will be helpful to connect and nurture relationships with their target audience.

With the help of email marketing, small businesses could be in connection with their current target audience and also, update them about the new products, new changes, or discounts for their businesses.

A study reflected click-through rate (CTR) of promotional emails have been increased from March and April 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic in the case of food and beverages, the CTR of promotional emails have been increased from 1.68% to 2.78% and the CTR of promotional emails have been decreased in Hospitality, Travel, and Leisure industry from 1.44% to 1.31%.

A study found that the businesses that included a video in email marketing extend to 55% in the year 2018 which is higher as compared to last year that was 46%.

Top 8 reasons that email marketing for small business are listed below

#1 Make your small business credible by sharing informative content to your target customers with the help of email marketing

#2 Your small business can be the greatest concern for the people through engagement with the help of email marketing.

#3 You can boost your sales through email marketing.

#4 If you compare email marketing with the traditional method like Radio and TV, it is easy, affordable, and provides a high Return on Investment (ROI) for your small business.

#5 Reaching customers has become easy on mobile devices.

#6 There are numerous metrics provided by the email marketing tool and you can analyze those metrics for your small business.

#7 If you want to allure new customers, your small business could go for an email newsletter which is a magnificent way to generate leads.

#8 Finally, the value provided by email marketing is that your campaigns can be tracked and you can even make required changes in your campaigns.

Benefits of email marketing for small businesses are given below

1. Pre-build templates for email marketing

Email marketing for small businesses does provide pre-built templates for free like Mailchimp.

These templates help professionally reach your target audience.

The email templates are designed in such a way that they will look professional to your target audience.

Moreover, you can customize your content and each template with your business logo and the tone of your business that will match your brand.

2. Increase your value by segmenting your email list

Depending on your target audience’s needs, you need to set a communication strategy like email newsletters that will make people attentive to your message.

As people become attentive, your email segmentation will play a crucial role by reaching the target audience and delivering the relevant message to them.

3. Interact with your customer through customizing email

Email marketing provides the capability of customizing the email depending on the target audience as the emails are segmented from the email list.

Moreover, with the help of email marketing, communication with the audience based on location, purchase behavior, and interest becomes easy.

You need to pro-actively interact with your customer and make them aware of your different products and services offered by your business.

4. Provide informative content to strengthen the relationship

Providing informative content and updates about your business will build trust and thus, strengthen the relationship with your target audience.

Email marketing work as an effective tool which can stay as the first concern in people’s mind that will keep people engaged with the business informative content.

This will strengthen the recognition of your brand in the minds of the people and also, reach new and relevant potential customers through word of mouth.

Finally, email marketing helps to build brand credibility as the target audience starts trusting your brand.

5. Attract traffic to your website

Email marketing campaigns can help your small business whether it is online or a retail store to get relevant potential customers to your website and thus, increase your website traffic.

6. Email marketing helps to generate leads

An email marketing campaign provides the opportunity to attract relevant potential customers and thus, cultivate the relationship by interacting with informative content.

As every customer that has to join your email list may not signup for a specific service or make a purchase.

Thus, nurturing the relationship with your potential customers is crucial for your small business.

7. The brand-building could boost your business sales

As mentioned above, email marketing could strengthen the recognition of the brand that will attract more relevant potential customers.

The more potential customers, the more people are aware of the brand and have been subscribed for the email.

By segmenting the email list, the customized messages could be sent to the relevant customer and increase the sale of your business.

8. Immediate results with email marketing services

Email marketing services could provide a remarkable impact on small businesses as every sale made or signup made by potential customers is worthy for small businesses.

You can track your email marketing campaigns easily, can analyze, and make changes anytime in your email marketing campaigns.

9. Maintain your relationship

You need to maintain your relationship not just with your customers but also with your vendors too.

If you want to be successful in your small business then communication and interaction through email marketing tool can maintain your relationship bond stronger.

10. Save your business time

You could save your precious time of your business with the help of email marketing services as you could send out numerous emails to your target audience.

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