Is Grammarly Worth it? Here’s Your Answer for Free vs Premium

The straightforward answer is… Yes. Grammarly Premium is worth it, and you can be certain that your articles are error-free! But error and grammar aren’t the only things Grammarly helps you with. There’s more, and value for money is unarguable!

However, don’t just go with what we say. With this review, you can finally decide on your own — “Is Grammarly worth it?” First, what is Grammarly? What does it even mean?

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is arguably the best online grammar checker software available today. You can use Grammarly in various ways, but the tool’s most basic function is to check your spelling while serving as a writing assistant efficiently.

It’s always crucial to put forward your best when writing creative pieces and articles. Any minor grammatical error can attract an overwhelmingly negative response or reaction from readers.

Although Microsoft Word and other widely-used writing tools have built-in auto-correct features, Grammarly goes above and beyond to perfect your writing flow while minimizing mistakes if not totally eliminating them. That is why the question “Is Grammarly worth it?” always gets a “Yes” from Grammarly users.

That said, you cannot substitute a human editor for software. So, after using Grammarly to improve your work quality, it is vital that an editor proofreads it before publishing or submission.


  • Accurate and powerful
  • Easy to use 
  • The best online grammar/punctuation checker
  • Explains why your errors are wrong along with the right suggestions 


  • Doesn’t replace a real-life editor
  • More costly than other online grammar checkers 

Is Grammarly Worth it? Is it Worth Paying for?

If you need a grammar checker that will make your life as a writer easier, Grammarly is your go-to. There’s a lot to benefit from this tool, from its spelling check to correcting grammar errors and punctuation, to its amazingly accurate plagiarism checker, which puts your work against over 16 billion multiple sources on the Web.

The software provides a free grammar checker that allows access to features such as the Grammarly Chrome extension. However, to gain access to more advanced features like Grammarly plagiarism, you’ll have to upgrade to the Premium plan.

But is Grammarly worth it? Is this Premium plan worth it? That depends on how important its benefits are to you as a writer. Let’s take a more elaborate look at what Grammarly offers.

What Does Grammarly Offer?

Grammarly is an excellent writing tool that helps you sieve out multiple types of errors. With Grammarly, here’s what you get:

Grammar and Punctuation The tool detects grammar and punctuation errors from basic to advanced. It also offers real-time guidelines and suggestions on how to correct your writing mistakes. For instance, errant commas are pointed out in your texts.

  • Spell Check 

Grammarly is also a robust spell-checking tool that keeps your texts error-free.

  • Plagiarism 

Grammarly accurately detects plagiarism by comparing your texts to billions of content on web pages across the internet.

  • Writing Style 

The tool will likewise help you self-edit your copy by offering real-time insights about your sentence-length, readability score, and so on. This is very helpful for adjusting your writing style to fit a specific audience.

So, is Grammarly worth it? Or you could easily handle all of these on your own?

With several ways to use Grammarly, it’s no wonder why it’s the most commonly-used punctuation, grammar, and spell-check tool in the world.

Who is Grammarly Good for?

Grammarly is not only great for native English speakers but also those who write in the English language. Perhaps, that is where most of its criticisms come from – Grammarly only corrects texts in the English language.

People who Grammarly is perfect is for include:

  • Copywriters and content marketers
  • Students
  • Bloggers
  • Authors
  • Academics looking to check for plagiarism
  • Business professionals looking to draft an accurate presentation, report, social media post, or email.
  • Anyone writing in English

Grammarly serves as a powerful line of defense for both professional and new writers, even for native English speakers.

Using Grammarly is an incredible fit for anyone from high school and college students who want to improve their written assignment to educators looking for mistakes and plagiarism in their student’s project.

Grammarly is also a major help for business professionals.

Although editors and writers gain various insights into their work, non-writers also benefit from the software’s services. It helps them develop more accurate social media posts, emails, official reports, or any other written correspondence with a client or superior.

Nevertheless, while all of these demographics can benefit from Grammarly, do they need Grammarly Premium? Is Grammarly worth it? Can you get by with the free Grammarly account?

Let’s see…

How Much is Grammarly Premium?

While Grammarly comes with a free version, here are the pricing options:

  • The monthly subscription costs $29.95/month.
  • Quarterly subscription costs $19.98/month, billed at $59.95 as one payment.
  • The annual subscription costs $11.66/month, billed at $139.95 as one payment.

Grammarly Free Vs. Grammarly Premium 

Grammarly’s free version comes with most of the basic features of Grammarly Premium except a plagiarism detector, an advanced grammar checker, and several vocabulary improvement suggestions.

That means the Grammarly free version is great for bloggers and writers with a tight budget for writing and editing tools. If you’re curious about what you get from the Grammarly Premium plan, it offers detailed information about all your grammar mistakes in a pop-up box.

It also offers additional writing insights as well as the opportunity to set writing goals. It also discovers and fixes various mistakes than the free version. You have the option to go for the monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription and enjoy discounts for each type of subscription.

What’s more? Grammarly has introduced a business version. In addition to the existing features in the premium plan, the business version includes the following:

  • Centralized billing
  • Prioritized 24/7 email support
  • User and admin management control for security and privacy to enhance teamwork.
  • Tracking tools for monitoring engagement trends.

This business version will cost you $15 per user for a month.

Conclusion – is Grammarly premium worth it? Is it for you?

Grammarly Premium is for you if all the features it offers are vital for your writing. If you prefer to self-edit, then you don’t have to look further than Grammarly. Nonetheless, it shouldn’t replace a human editor.

So, is Grammarly premium worth it?

The answer remains yes!

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