These are the best free web hosting for small business website

There are tons of amazing web hosting service providers you can find on the internet today, but some of them come at a costly price. And as a business owner, anything that could reduce expenses is always welcomed! We’ve compiled the best free web hosting for small business website, and all you have to do now is compare and choose.

But you probably want to know how to host a website for free. Here are your options:

How to host a website for free

  1. Set up web hosting yourself (DIY approach)
  2. Use a third-party hosting service provider which comes with a free hosting plan.

Hosting a fee website on your PC demands some technical knowledge and some luck. Yes, you need a bit of luck because your ISP (Internet Service Provider) has to permit web hosting, which many don’t. But if you call yours and they do, here’s the next step:

  • Get your IP address 
  • Open your current website network. 
  • Identify your Internet Protocol
  • Input your IP address, and 
  • Install database management software (you can use Wampserver)

Hosting for free with a third party 

Here, all you need is to get one of the free hosting sites. You can also go for free web hosting for WordPress websites.

While this is usually a lot easier than trying to get free hosting on your computer, it comes with some downsides. You might keep seeing unwanted ads on your website, and your design choices and storage capacity will be limited.

List of free web hosting sites

After comparing most of the free hosting sites, here’s a compilation of the best free web hosting in the market:

X10Hosting is a platform that prides itself on offering a free hosting plan with high performance and a stable environment. It also has the latest versions of MySQL database, PHP, and cPanel. The software comes with cloud infrastructure, which is an incredible feature for a hosting site.

As one of the best free web hosting platforms, it is pretty fast, secure, and reliable. It also has unlimited storage and bandwidth, as well as a support community of over 750k members. X10Hosting also currently processes and stores over 122 million files for its clients.

For over a decade, x10Hosting has been delivering hosting, which is more than enough reason to trust them with your website. They are one of the few solid-state, high-powered drives with a free web builder and more than 150 templates.


000webhost is the most popular free web hosting service provider. You can host one website for free and 300 MB disk space available. Bandwidth also limited you can use upto 3 GB.


AwardSpace is one of the pioneer free web hosting sites with over ten years in the market. The platform relies on hosting to grow its client base. The hosting platform also has a free plan that doesn’t put up annoying ads on your site. It allows beginners to test run it to be sure they want to invest in the platform.

You can start with this free plan while using its PHP, MySQL, email sending power, and one-click application installer. The computer resources and storage are great, along with other awesome built-in tools.


This is a powerful, browser-based site-builder, perfect for building a simple, drag-and-drop interface for creating basic sites. It is great for small websites, portfolios, etc.

While it is not one of the free web hosting sites for people looking to house multiple video files, work out their coding skills, or host an app, Wix is an industry leader with robust features and easy setup.

eCommerce features, advanced email, and domain are available on Wix by upgrading to its paid plans. However. Their support isn’t all too great, but it might not matter since it is simplified. Wix is an ideal choice for newbie website owners.


WordPress is notorious for what they offer and how efficiently it performs. This is a fantastic CMS, and while the open-source version requires website owners to configure a hosting plan, eliminates all that. The platform does that by pairing its system with tons of online support and storage.

As the most popular hosting service and one of the best free web hosting sites, WordPress hosts over 30% of all sites on the internet. Nevertheless, one of the biggest downsides to WordPress is that it’s not as beginner-friendly as some of the other web hosting sites with drag-and-drop features like Wix. houses tons of customization options and themes to choose from as free web hosting for WordPress sites. It provides you with the best features needed for you to build and grow your online presence.


While looking for the best free web hosting, if you need more computing power, then you should consider Kamatera. This web hosting company comes with a 30-day free trial that allows website owners to use up to 32GB of RAM or 1TB of SSD storage alongside 5TB of bandwidth.

You can customize your server for up $100 and enjoy an optimal hosting service for free during the first month. Kamatera operates in about 13 data centres worldwide, ensuring your website will be available to your visitors wherever they are searching from.


This is another amazing free site builder that is great for users to build easily and quickly. Whether you’re exploring options or building your first website for an online business, Weebly is always a fantastic option to handle your brand while considering your wallet.

As your website grows, the free site builder also provides various premium hosting plans in line with the platform drag-and-drop platform.

Also, Weebly templates are among the modern and most polished you can find out there. You can as well upgrade to the $8 per month plan to add an eCommerce store.

Another aspect of this fantastic platform that makes it one of the best free web hostings is that the free plan doesn’t come with unwanted ads, unlike Wix. However, their branding is usually included in the footer of your site.    


While free isn’t always perfect and completely free, the best free web hosting service providers listed in this article are the best viable options you can find on the net. All you need to do is choose from one of these quality hosting providers and remain confident that they will deliver on their promises.

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