Wix SEO vs WordPress SEO – Which One is Best for Blogs

The best way to optimize your website with SEO is that by selecting the right website builder platform so that your website could be an index on Google. So Google can crawl and index your website.

Wix vs WordPress, both are perfect options to build your website. As each platform provides templates and editors to perform your website efficiently.

A contest challenge was launched by Wix “SEO Hero” that will reflect the world “Wix SEO is the best” and if you can beat them then the prize for the winner was $50,000.  

wix seo wiz contest

A survey was done by Ahrefs with the help of Builtwith and the sample size that has been studied was 3.2 million Wix websites and 3.2 million WordPress websites.

The conclusion of the study reflects that

More SEO on WordPress sites has been done if compared with Wix sites as there is quite a huge difference in organic search traffic as well as the number of referring domains that are pointing to the websites.

According to the Italian professionals, the best solutions for managing websites to achieve SEO actions were 68.32% of them were named as WordPress platforms in the year 2016 and 2017. 

If your goal of the website is to be discovered and rank on google which will be with the help of SEO then the best solution will be WordPress.

Before we get started to compare Wix SEO vs WordPress SEO, Let’s discuss!

Background of SEO  

SEO has two types: On-Page or Technical SEO and Off-Page SEO.

On-Page SEO

It is also considered as Technical SEO because the optimization is not seen by any user as it involves the optimizing and functioning of the code in your website so that you can index your pages on Google. This further includes:

  • Speeding the loading times in desktop and mobile version by improving the functionality of the website with help of plugins
  • Organizing and optimizing the website codes.
  • Improving mobile responsiveness.

Off-page SEO

It does not include any coding with your website and the strategies include:

  • Link-building
  • Social media sharing
  • Keyword Research
  • SEO blog writing

A website builder should help your website which supports the On-Page and Off-Page SEO. 

Details of Wix

Wix is known for the drag and drop builder of websites as no coding is required at all and can be used by any beginner.

The basic thing would be a design in mind, ready content, and drag and drop builder required to make the website into the Wix. Your website will start running in a few minutes.

Technical or On-Page SEO of Wix

Technical or On-Page SEO of Wix enclose the things such as

You can set headings, Custom URLs, meta titles, and meta descriptions. You can customize 301 redirects, meta descriptions, and customize social media options. 

It also provides the integration with Google Search Console and Google Analytics, SSL encryption.

Wix has one service known as “Site Booster” which can help your business with search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing and also, help to list your business in local directories. 

They do have their SEO apps – free and paid in the Wix app market.

Off-Page SEO of Wix

Off-Page SEO of Wix is known as Wix SEO Wiz (Wiz is a short form of Wizard). It helps you with SEO strategies for your Wix website.

Technical SEO feature that is a shortfall of Wix

The negative point about Wix which impacts it hugely is that the link formation of Wix.com.

For every single website that is made on Wix.com, the link formation you will observe a “hashbang” or “#” that is served by JavaScript, and thus, it could not be understood by search engines like Google.

Another area that requires development is the Sitemap creation. The sitemap helps the search engine with the data of your website structure to make crawling and indexing of your web pages easier.

There is one more huge drawback to Wix is the incompetence to edit current or add new point-to-point integration. As Wix has the code element in HTML which is a limiting feature for advanced users.

Also, Wix websites load slower if compared to WordPress websites. And, the slower the websites the lower the customers visiting your website.

Wix can make the website look beautiful but in terms of SEO, Wix is certainly not the best option. 

Details of WordPress

A survey published by Netcraft where the total estimated total active websites are over 1.3 billion and 35% of it is powered by WordPress itself. It means the total number of websites handled by WordPress alone is around 455,000,000 right now which is a huge number.

WordPress has been improved so much that it is not only for blogging but also business, web-based applications, and e-commerce and can index web pages on Google search.

WordPress On-Page SEO

There are numerous things offered by WordPress as below. It provides the capacity to customize headings, meta titles, and image alt tags.

WordPress offers a plugin to detect your website’s broken links.

You can make your website search-friendly by customizing your website URL. Also, you can automatically create 301 redirects and 404 errors can be tracked on your web pages.

Unlike Wix, WordPress provides plugins for sitemap URLs. 

Moreover, URLs of WordPress are structured which can be organized and optimized the way you want users to search your search-friendly website.

Finally, WordPress can be customized by the code if the developer wants something advances like SEO updates on their website, so proper coding could be helpful which is lacking in Wix.

WordPress Off-Page SEO

For Off-Page SEO, WordPress has plugins that help to create and optimize the content. One of the famous SEO plugins is the Yoast SEO plugin which is helpful for readability, keyword density, and also, it is recommended for SEO-friendly writing.

Also, you can integrate your WordPress website with Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Social Media.

Wix SEO vs WordPress SEO

Till now you might be crystal clear about the answer. Though Wix has their SEO tools and functions if compared to WordPress, WordPress is much better as it got a wide range of plugins that support your website and is better in terms of SEO.

Also, if your long-term strategy is SEO then the better option would be WordPress.

The Wix tools related to SEO are made for inexperienced ones that provide resources and wizards.

Wix pricing is costly as compared to WordPress. The pricing of WordPress would value hardly any dollars per month whereas Wix pricing costs $14 per month. 

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