6 Best Mint Alternatives for 2023: Mint Budget Alternatives

Regardless, Mint is an amazing free personal finance software but if you’re looking for its alternative due to any reason, you’re at the right place. Mint is a juggernaut that has been around since 2006 in the personal finance and budgeting world. It’s one of the industry leaders. But for some individuals, it’s not the right tool to handle their finances.

You may want a tool to focus more on investment than daily budgeting. Or you may not like linking your bank account directly to Mint. Whatever reasons you have, there are plenty of similar personal finance software available for you to consider. It’s recommended to manage your finances in one place especially when you’re earning well. As it’s not always possible to invest or spend cautiously. For the same, many free and paid tools are available. This article consists of the 6 best free mint alternatives. We have covered free as well as paid tools. If you’re interested in knowing the alternatives, keep on reading!

What is wrong with Mint?

Though Mint is an intuitive budgeting software and completely free to use, many people aren’t satisfied with it. Following are the key points where Mint lacks:

  • Poor customer service support is offered to the users;
  • Annoying ads are another turn-off;
  • Lack of features for investment;
  • A problem in synchronizing data with small banks and credit unions, etc.

6 Best Mint Alternatives

No doubt Mint was a strong personal finance software but now its competitors have caught up. It’s high time to try better software. Let’s see the best mint alternatives available in the market that give tough competition to Mint.


You need a Budget, popularly known as YNAB is one of the best Mint alternatives. YNAB projects your budget beforehand which means it helps you to plan your spending amount. If you’re someone looking for zero-based budgeting, this is the best option for you.

It’s not only an easy money tracker but it also connects you with an accountability partner. This allows you to have a look at the progress of your goal in the application.

YNAB best Mint alternatives


  • Provides total control over your money.
  • Offers more than 100 free live workshops for personal support to its users.
  • Allows you to access real-time information at any time and from any device.
  • Users’ data is completely safe with encryption and hashing of data.


YNAB offers a 34 days free trial with no credit card needed. YNAB price is $84 annually (which comes to $7 per month).

A 100% money-back guarantee is also provided by YNAB. You can get your money back if you think you’ve no use of YNAB further.

Check it here.

2. Personal Capital

Like Mint, Personal Capital is a web-based application. It works beautifully and focuses on your investment and retirement instead of just telling where you’ve spent your finances.

Additionally, it tracks and manages all your money with proper investment and budgeting services. Best of all, it is completely FREE. Isn’t that cool?


  • Single platform for budgeting and investment management services.
  • Outstanding retirement calculator.
  • Automatically tracks investments and workflows.
  • 24/7 customer service support.


It’s free for Financial Management, however, it has few plans for its Wealth Management services:-

  • For Investment Service (Up to $200 thousand investment)
  • Wealth Management (Up to $1 million investment)
  • Private Client (Above $1 million investment)

Check it here.

3. PocketSmith

Next on our list is PocketSmith. It has the feature to keep an eye on all of your accounts in one place. Besides, it allows users to plan ahead of time with the help of a projected daily balance. It has the option to run income and expense statements anytime. Not to mention it provides the option to track your net worth too.

The best part of PocketSmith is its ability to forecast precisely. PocketSmith is pricer than others but offers some substantial features. For instance user invitation, cash flow statements, flexibility, etc.


  • Reports with an interactive dashboard, your net worth, income, and expenses as well as cash flow statements.
  • It finds and arranges transactions in one category with automatic bank updates and sends your expenditure to ‘0’.
  • Manages multiple currencies and comes with flexible budgeting and powerful forecasting.
  • Completely safe with two-factor authentication security.


It has one basic free plan and two paid plans. PocketSmith paid plans include:

  • Premium (at $9.95 monthly) This is for intermediate investing and budgeting.
  • Super (at $19.95 monthly) This is for premium investing and budgeting.

Check it here.

4. CountAbout

CountAbout entered the market in 2012 to simplify the lives of Quicken users. It can import data from both Mint and Quicken. If you’re a data junkie this transition is very helpful for you. Contrary to Mint, this isn’t a free tool but comes with affordable annual packages.

CountAbout’s tracking system is far better than Mint. Thus, making it a potential alternative.


  • Transactions with more than a thousand financial institutions.
  • Comes with a split transaction and account reconciliation feature.
  • It has the features of invoicing, registering balance, relabeling description, recurring transactions and reporting for a category.
  • Compatible with both android and iOS applications.


It has two different pricing models:

  • Basic (at $9.99 monthly) This plan is for basic use.
  • Premium (at $39.99 yearly) This plan is for premium use.

It also provides two add-ons:

  • Attachments (at $10 yearly) For adding images.
  • Invoicing (at $60 yearly) For tracking invoices.

CountAbout also has a 100% money guarantee.

Check it here.

5. Quicken

Another strong competitor of Mint is Quicken. It helps you to track everything concerning your spending from food, rent, entertainment to commuting and much more. It also has a feature to check monthly trends of your spending.

Quicken is one of the best personal finance software for Windows 10 but sadly it doesn’t work as well in Mac as it does in Windows. It is value for money as it offers in-depth tools for managing and taking control of financial transactions.


  • View your full financial life picture including your accounts, transactions in one place.
  • Comes with free chat assistance from Quicken’s customer support.
  • Has 5 GB of online storage from Dropbox.
  • Helps to manage spending with smart tracking.
  • Allows to search transaction history by type of expenditure, amount, or payee.


For Mac Quicken offers three different plans:

  • Starter Plan (at $34.99 yearly) For controlling money better.
  • Deluxe Plan (at $39.99 yearly) For saving and managing money.
  • Premier Plan (at $59.99 yearly) For maximizing investment.

For Windows Quicken offers four different plans:

  • Starter Plan (at $34.99 yearly) For controlling money better.
  • Deluxe Plan (at $39.99 yearly) For saving and managing money.
  • Premier Plan (at $59.99 yearly) For maximizing investment.
  • Home & Business Plan (at $79.99 yearly) For controlling personal and business transactions in a single place.

Check it here.

6. EveryDollar

EveryDollar is another free mint alternative available for budget management and to remove finance stress. It is one of the best substitutes of Mint as it easily syncs with your bank accounts. You can keep a check on your financial goals by joining them with your budget. It helps you to create a monthly budget and achieve your aim every month.

The app is also available for Android and iOS devices. If you’re a newbie with personal finance management this is the app for you. Or if you want monthly budgeting then this is for you.


  • Adds your monthly income to start your budget. This helps you in achieving your money goals.
  • Compatible with both Android as well as iOS.
  • Helps in tracking monthly spending.
  • Better expense planning.


For the basic version, EveryDollar is completely free to use. However, it has another pricing plan with the name ‘EveryDollar Plus’ that is billed yearly with an amount of $129.99.

Check it here.


It’s true if you find the software that suits your personality and needs, chances are more that you’ll use it consistently. Additionally, the more you pay heed to your money, the better it’ll be.

With that said, we come to the end of this article. All the alternatives shared here are good in their ways. You can pick one that meets your requirements. However, we’d recommend you to try the free Mint alternatives first that we shared above. And if that didn’t meet your expectation move on with a paid one.

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