5 Best Google Chrome Extensions to Download Videos

If you happen to be a movie buff or love to download online videos on your PC, it’s quite logical to install powerful extensions on Google Chrome. No doubt, Chrome continues to be one of the most extensively used internet browsers. This robust browser allows seamless integration of third-party plugins. Well, you must be familiar with these extensions designed to help users extract or download videos from different websites. In this post, we are going to talk about the best plugins on Google Chrome to download videos from your favourite platforms.

You may consider installing a video downloader Chrome extension on your browser once you familiarize yourself with their respective strengths. Regardless of wherever you are in cyberspace, you would be able to download videos in almost all formats. These include MOV, MP4, AVI, and ASF, among others.

List of Top Video Downloader Chrome Extensions

Have a look at five of the most effective tools to download videos from most websites on your Google Chrome browser.

Video Downloader Professional

Video Downloader Professional is a powerful Chrome extension, supporting a simple and intuitive downloading process. Most importantly, this software is capable of automatically detecting the available videos on any website. The users simply need to click on the arrow mark in green color, located close to the address bar. Next, a menu for video downloading will open, from where you will find the option for downloading the video. Users can also customize the resolution before initiating the download.

Key features:

  • Automated downloading
  • Easy-to-use and free software
  • Seamless integration with browsers
  • Compatible with almost every platform



A popular video downloader Chrome extension, Addoncrop enables users to download videos from all the websites without any glitch. In terms of functional value, it is very innovative. Besides, this is a free extension, so you need not shell out anything for enjoying the benefits. Moreover, you can install the extension on Chrome to download YouTube videos.

Key features:

  • Customizable functions
  • Compatible for YouTube and other platforms
  • One can save clips to available dialog boxes
  • Auto-playing feature is available

Video Downloader Plus

This is a great extension for Chrome, using which you can download online videos on your computer. Ranging from Vimeo to YouTube and Facebook, this software detects videos that you play on Chrome. It would take you just a click to download your favourite videos. Most importantly, the tool supports downloading in multiple compatible formats. To save time, you may extract the videos in batches. It comes loaded with other features such as recording live video.

Key features:

  • It is an ad-free software
  • Multiple video outputs to download
  • Can record live streams
  • Downloads content from multiple platforms


Video Downloader Pro

A smart video downloader Chrome extension for your browser, Video Downloader Pro helps the user to download popular videos after identifying the same. This is a robust tool and comes with auto-detection capabilities. Besides, it identifies the video output format, mitigating human efforts significantly. However, it does not work on YouTube, but this won’t be an issue as you have plenty of other software for the largest video platform.

Key features:

  • Free software
  • Easy to integrate
  • Auto-identification of videos
  • No annoying advertisements

Save The Video

Known for its high-quality processing of videos, it enhances the user experience significantly. One of the most striking features in Save The Video is that, you would be able to convert videos and edit the same using the same software. This implies that it couples up as a video editor, besides enabling users to download online videos. Its fast execution and simple interface make it ideal for entertainment lovers. For instance, you can download 4K and 1080p videos seamlessly using this software.

Key Features:

  • Supports video conversion
  • Enables video editing
  • Downloads 4K and 1080p videos
  • Multiple output formats available

Well, when you lookout for the best extensions to download online videos on Google Chrome, you would run into the plethora of options available. With these shortlisted tools at your disposal, you would enjoy a flawless experience. In this list, we have included extensions or plugins that can help you download videos from most websites. Now, you can store your favourite staff in the desired format forever, downloading the same using one of these extensions.

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