The six best tools to manage social media accounts

In our article detailing the different reasons people are losing followers on Instagram, we talked about the importance of consistency. That is the case with every social media platform. If your account is not active for a considerable period of time, you will see your page’s engagement decline. Maybe, you are posting infrequently because there is not enough content or time to post regularly. When that is the case there are tools to manage social media accounts to help you.

Moreover, social media has become an integral part of businesses today. It is a way of promoting and people have at least one or more social media pages. In other words, social media channels are an important part of marketing and a great way to reach potential customers. 

To see good results in the platform, it is ideal to have a basic understanding of the different social media platform’s algorithms. If you do not, there is no need to worry about it. Thanks to these tools to manage social media accounts, maintaining social media channels and seeing good results are made easy.

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tools to manage social media accounts
Image Courtesy: Later

Later calls itself an “all-in-one social marketing platform.” This aptly describes what one can do with it. It is time-efficient as it lets you post content over different social media platforms from one place. You can use the tool to schedule posts in advance. Later can be used to manage pages on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and TikTok. 

The marketing tool also provides analysis detailing your page’s performance and engagement. It also helps you understand who your audience is, thus you will be able to create posts that are useful for them. However, these insights are only available in the paid plans. 

With the free plan, you can schedule up to 30 posts on each social media platform every month. To get the best out of the platform, you can watch training videos that are available on its website. 

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tools to manage social media accounts
Image Courtesy: Buffer

Like Later, Buffer is among the popular tools to manage social media accounts. Its sole purpose is to help you get more engagement. Engagement is crucial because the more you get, the more you are going to see your social media pages grow. Buffer also makes it easier for its users to engage with their audience. For instance, you can use the tool to reply to comments under your posts. 

Buffer also has many resources which you can use to learn social media strategies and implement them on your site. The website has a content library filled with articles that give tips and methods to improve your social media presence.

Similar to Later, even Buffer’s analytical tools are only available with the paid plans. You can use Buffer’s free plan to manage three social media channels and schedule ten posts.

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Sprout Social

tools to manage social media accounts
Image Courtesy: Sprout Social

Sprout Social is another “all-in-one social media management platform.” The website uses statistics to improve your social media pages. The tools are specially catered for business owners but of course, anyone with a business account can benefit from Sprout Social.

Like most tools to manage social media accounts, Sprout Social can also be used to schedule social media posts and manage a social calendar. This marketing site offers other features like keyword monitoring and promotions. Moreover, it has CRM tools that allow you to contact experts who will aid you in managing your social sites.

Sprout Social has three plans – standard, professional and advanced – which are billed monthly. While there are no free plans available, the platform does offer a 30-day-free trial which you can use to explore the different products provided by the website.


tools to manage social media accounts
Image Courtesy: Planoly

As written in the name, Planoly is a great resource for planning your social media content. It can be used alongside major social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. With the tool, you can create a draft of your posts in advance so that you can schedule it for publishing later. 

While Later notifies you when it is time to post, Planoly posts automatically. Given that the visual layout of your profile page is also crucial to engagement, the tools help with arranging the grid beforehand. That way you will have a clear picture of how your posts will appear on your feed. 

Having your posts published regularly is a part of what Planoly provides. It has other features like Sellit, Linkit, Storiesedit and Pin Planner. 

Creator Studio

tools to manage social media accounts

While there are several third-party tools to manage social media accounts, there is also the Creator Studio on Facebook. It allows you to schedule posts for Facebook and Instagram. All you have to do is connect your Instagram page to it. 

It has its social calendar that makes planning your social media content simple. Creator Studio provides insights that help you understand your social media activity and an analysis of your audience. This data-driven approach will come in handy to grow your social media engagement rate.

Moreover, if you prefer the trial and error strategy, then Creator Studio has a ‘test posts’ feature. With it, you can post different versions of your post and see which one works the best.

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Instagram Insights

tools to manage social media accounts

Like Creator Studio, Instagram Insights is an inbuilt analytical tool. Making it a habit to check your insights will actually go a long way in improving your social media growth. It gives you a clear understanding of your audience demographics including age, nationality and gender. By getting a clear picture of who your audience is, you can optimize your content according to that and see good results. 

It lets you monitor which posts are performing well. The performance insights show how people are reaching your posts – through hashtags or Instagram home feed. 

Instagram Insights allow you to sort your content based on performance. You can use that to see which posts are doing well and implement the same strategies on upcoming posts. 

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