Confirmed! Blogs with Grammar Error can’t get first place on Google

A lot of people who are new to blogging have the opinion that Google accepts any post irrespective of how good or bad the quality level is. This statement is not true in any way.

Google is one of the best search engines and definitely has very high standard for blog submission and acceptance. A blog with grammatical issues does not get a top rank in any manner. Here are some points which explains how important correct grammar is according to Google standards.

Blogs with grammatical issues do not get traffic

There is no purpose of submitting a blog when you are not getting traffic on it. Readers check a lot of things when they are using their quality time to read a post. A reader would not pay attention to a blog with grammatical issues.

These mistakes are a clear sign that the content has not been proofread. In other words, a professional approach has not been used to prepare it. Thus, such posts do not have a lot of readers. This is primarily why they do not acquire a good rank according to Google standards.

When you talk about getting a good Google rank, a blog post should have a high traffic rate instead of a high bounce rate. Having a high bounce rate means the post does not have returning viewers.

Why does this happen? There are various reasons for getting an increased bounce rate. One of them is publishing substandard content with grammatical issues. Serious readers would spend time on reading your blog if it has issues.

Consider that you are writing a blog for top tablets of 2019. The readers reading the post will include serious buyers. People who wish to purchase a tablet will go through the content to see the ranking. If they come across grammatical mistakes, they would simply lose trust on the content.

The standard of written information matters a lot. If it has grammatical issues, it is not worth depending on. In other words, considering this example, if there are grammatical mistakes, people would doubt whether the information about the tablets is authentic or not.

SEO rank depends on quality of content

Consider that you have published a blog on a website with a low rank. Having a low rank means a lot of people would not visit the link. Online visitors do not have the time to go through links not present on the first page. They prefer getting the desired information from the top rated websites.

Grammatically correct is one of the many conditions to get a good online rank. If the content published on a website has not been proofread, people would figure them out. This would have a negative impact on the rank of the website.

A blog post with grammatical mistakes brings down the rank of a website. In other words, its online position weakens. Hence, in accordance with Google standards, the submission of grammatically correct content is very important. It is a critical factor for attaining a good count of users.

Grammar checkers are the key to success for blog writers

Considering the importance of producing grammatically correct content, what is the best way for blog writers to produce quality posts. It is not humanly possible for them to read each line after they have spent a long time on thought compilation and content preparation. Other than time, manual proofreading is not the best way to check content.

Using a grammar checking tool is ideally the best route. These tools check content through state of the art automated methods. Hence, you can be absolutely sure that the content would be free of mistakes once it has been checked using this tool. Prepostseo grammar checker does not make errors due to slip of concentration which we make while proofreading. Each part of the content is read properly. As a result, the produced content does not have any mistakes. Here are some core factors explaining the importance of a grammar checking tool.


Get done with proofreading without manual reading

Going through content after completing the writing process is a very tiring process after all. They point is that content can be checked easily without exhausting yourself. A good grammar checking tool is the best solution to your problem. The process of using such tools is very simple. Simply upload the content according to the interface of the tool.

There is nothing else which you have to do. The tool would read through the content and provide you with the highlighted errors if any. You need to rectify the mistakes and then run the tool again. Simply repeat the process until you see no further mistakes. This is a much easier alternative for blog writers than reading through several lines of content. Even if you can manage the time, it is hard to come up with 100% efficiency.

Save your time on a major scale

If you perform the editing tasks manually, they would require a much longer time like the writing procedures. Blog submissions are usually done with a timeline. Hence, one cannot afford to waste time and delay the submission.

A grammar checking tool eliminates the chances of mistakes. A positive aspect is the time which these tools take to run through the content. If you compare this time span to manual checking, it is much shorter.


The significance of checking written content for grammatical issues should never be ignored. If a piece of content contains errors, it does not get a positive feedback. We can take the example of a blog post. If a blog writer produces a post with grammatical issues, he would face numerous problems.

To start with, his post would not be ranked high according to Google standards. The search engine is very particular about the quality of written content. Thus, writers should be sure that their blogs do not contain any grammar deficiencies. Using an online grammar checker is the best way to check and rectify mistakes.

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