7 Ideas to Earn Extra Money Online in 2022

To come up with the best online business idea possible, you need to look at yourself and take advantage of your skills, passions, and knowledge. 

More to it, in the year, there has never been a better time to focus on yourself and earn some extra money online using your skills. Thus if you already have experience in a specific field or a very clear vision of what kind of business you would like to build in the future, now is the time.

Therefore, for all of you that are sitting at home and have a lot of spare time on your hands, we want to share seven ideas for earning some extra money online. And who knows, it may even grow into the primary source of your income one day.

Idea #1: Work With Social Media

If you spend a lot of time on social media or have worked on social media strategy before, you could become a social media content creator. In 2022, many new online businesses have just joined the market and might need your help.

When you work on the content creation, make sure it’s recent and trendy, like visual content currently is. For instance, you could create your own gifs by using an mp4 to gif converter.

Idea #2: Become an Influencer

As an influencer, you would be creating content for social media as well. The main difference is that you would be working for yourself and collaborating with other businesses instead of working for other brands.

To become a successful influencer in 2022, avoid becoming a social media user with a very vague concept. Instead, strive to become a niche-oriented micro-influencer because that’s what brands value the most these days. 

Idea #3: Sell Prints of Your Artwork

If you are an artist that paints, draws, sketches, or creates graphic designs, you can easily earn extra money by selling prints of your art. To make the print, you can either use a print on demand platform or print a few copies in the local copy shop.

At first, come up with a few different designs and start selling them on platforms like Etsy to gain more attention. Afterward, you can supplement your collection with new designs and, if you are successful, maybe even create your own website.

Idea #4: Create Hand-Crafted Items

We are living in the age of the Z generation that values uniqueness and its expression more than anything else. Therefore, mass-made production is no longer as popular as it was.

Thus the popularity of original items such as bracelets and eco-friendly knitted bags is giving you the chance to show off your hand-crafting skills. To sell hand-crafted items, you can open such platforms as Etsy or open a Facebook Shop.

Idea #5: Do Data Entry

If you are currently studying and do not have any special skills yet, you can work with data entry. It does not require experience; you just need to be precise with your typing. To find a data entry side job, sign up for such freelancer websites as Fiverr, Upwork, or Simply Hired. 

Fill out your profile and start browsing the project listing. Doing side gigs like this will help you gain experience in different business niches, which may be helpful in the future. Also, if a company starts to trust you because you are doing a really great job, they may offer you other projects to work on.

Idea #6: Become a Logo Designer

Knowing graphic design is very convenient nowadays because there are a lot of new online businesses created every single day, and they need visual content of high quality. However, if you want to improve your skills faster and attract bigger clients, you need to focus on one niche of graphic design, for example, logo design.

By choosing a specific niche, you will be able to improve your skills faster. To find projects to work on as a logo designer, you can search freelancer websites, join Facebook freelancer groups, and participate in logo contests, such as 48hourslogo.

Idea #7: Start a Blog

Blogging can be both a hobby and a way to earn some extra money. To start a blog, you will need to either join a blogging platform or use a website builder and purchase a domain. Purchasing a domain of your own will give you more freedom to do whatever you want with your blog.

After you have created quality content on your blog and have a proper audience, you can monetize the blog in multiple ways. You can use AdSense, add advertising banners, publish guest posts, write sponsored reviews, sell your own products, and whatnot.

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