Instagram is Testing New AI Face-Scanning Tool for Age Verification

Instagram is currently testing a new method for confirming users’ ages. According to the most recent sources, the corporation is putting an AI tool under test that will scan your face and confirm your age.

In addition to this AI Tool option, social vouching is another technique. This technique involves asking your followers to verify your age. Mutual followers must be at least 18 years old and have three days to respond to the request. Users can still verify their age with pictures of ID cards as well.

To have an Instagram account, users must be at least 13 years old. Until 2019, the application had not asked for new users’ birthdates. Instagram included age-verification functions after personal privacy and child safety, and security professionals raked over it.

Testing New Ways to Verify Age, Video Selfie & Social Vouching

An artificial intelligence feature that requests a video selfie to confirm your age. Instagram works with an independent 3rd party business Yoti to streamline the procedure. Machine learning is used to predict a person’s age.

In a blog post, Instagram says, “Yoti’s technology estimates your age based on your facial features and shares that estimate with us. Meta and Yoti then delete the image. The technology cannot recognize your identity — only your age.”

The UK government and German digital regulators use Yoti’s technology to verify age. It uses different facial signals to guess the age.

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The second method to verify age is the Social Vouching system. When the user selects this, Instagram asks three mutual followers of the users to confirm their age. Those followers have three days to respond to this request.

Instagram said it aims to use machine learning technology to understand people’s ages to “prevent teens from accessing Facebook Dating, adults from messaging teens and helps teens from receiving restricted ad content, for example.” It looks like this is just the start, as well, as the company said it plans to expand its use of it “widely across our technologies.”

However, the two new options of age verification Social vouching and AI estimation is now available in the US.

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