10 Best Video Hosting Sites for Business in 2023

Video has become one of the crucial and vital Content marketing strategies and educational tools from the last few years. And we all know that video content is not as light as image or text content, which means uploading a video on your website puts a lot of strain on your servers. Therefore, smart business owners mostly prefer to have the best video hosting sites for uploading videos and easily lodge those uploaded videos in WordPress without even affecting their website performance.

In this web post, we will cover some of the best video hosting websites that can be used to host videos offsite. Let’s move ahead and have to get into this:

List of 10 Video Hosting Websites

  1. Wistia
  2. YouTube
  3. Vimeo
  4. SproutVideo 
  5. DailyMotion
  6. Brightcove
  7. Hippo Video
  8. VooPlayer
  9. Vidyard
  10. Cincopa

1. Wistia

Wistia has turn out to be a very famous choice for entrepreneurs and content creators. If you are looking for the best video marketing software, Wistia is a pro video hosting software. This is known for offering various advanced features such as embedding lead capture or various advanced features. Wistia also makes adding videos relatively more manageable and simpler through its drop and drag feature. 


  • Detailed analytics if compared with any video uploading sites.
  • Allows high bandwidth usage.
  • Easy to use and various advanced features.

2. YouTube

YouTube the name that is famous throughout the world. This is a trendy video hosting website, and it allows users to upload videos, create channels, and much more. With billions of users worldwide, users can better gather an audience for your marketing strategies. YouTube allows the user to get free unlimited video hosting and opportunities through which users can earn money from their videos. If your business wants to reach larger customers, you have an idea to start an online video business, YouTube is the first one to go.


  • Provides unlimited storage for video files.
  • Video sharing is relatively easy on the social media platforms
  • Complete control over video content as there is no restriction 

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3. Vimeo

Vimeo is known to be a reliable and trustworthy video hosting site that is gaining popularity in the digital market and small business owners. If users are considering their websites’ professional look, then Vimeo is deemed to be the best video hosting sites. The premium plans consist of several features such as video editing, password protection, and customer support. Organizing videos on Vimeo is relatively easy that helps the users to stay on track.


  • Ad-Free platform
  • Helpful in creating professional videos
  • Easy to control access for a specific location 

4. SproutVideo

SproutVideo is another video hosting on our list due to the various advanced features this hosting website provides to its users. Some of this video hosting website’s advanced features consist of video themes, layouts, social sharing options, and much more. This is the best video hosting platform for businesses that come with a free 30-day trial and you can use all features and unlimited access.


  • Users can create customized video playlists.
  • Have powerful security options.
  • Able to keep track of edit and audit logs.

5. DailyMotion

DailyMotion is a viral video hosting site like YouTube. It allows the users to upload many videos in a day, and users can also use various advanced features to make their video creative. Some advanced features of the DailyMotion are a live stream, on-demand video, and much more.


  • It consists of a searchable option through which videos can be searched easily.
  • Easy and simple video uploading and hosting.
  • Provides a password protection option.

6. Brightcove

Another free video hosting platform that is created by keeping businesses in mind. This video hosting site provides all the features that are required in today’s time. Its server operates at a fast speed and consists of all the live streaming features. Furthermore, its advertising option provides clarity to users so that they can build a strategy for videos.


  • Has global server that works smoothly 24*7.
  • Provides live streaming on application or application
  • A perfect option for protected sharing
  • A robust system that can secure the data

7. Hippo Video

HippoVideo is a cheap video hosting site that allows the user to send unlimited videos to their users. It is the best option for the entrepreneur who wants to grow their business through content marketing strategy. This video hosting platform provides a different platform to their users through which they can edit and customize their videos before publishing them on the hosting website.


  • Safe and Secure Video hosting site with password protection option
  • Good customer support through video conference.
  • Professionals features such as trim, add text cur or crop, etc.

8. VooPlayer

VooPlayer, also known as spotlightr, is the best video hosting sites due to its advanced features through which users can personalize their content through which users can generate new leads for their business. Spotlightr users can host their videos on other platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, or Vimeo and easily stream their videos. It provides various advanced features such as personalized theme, video editing, cut and trim option, etc.


  • A feature-rich application that helps generate leads
  • Ad-Free platform
  • Ability to keep track of edit and audit logs.
  • Secured and protected platform

9. Vidyard

Vidyard is free video hosting platforms that generally useful for businesses. This video hosting application consists of various advanced features that help increase the value of video. Premium plans of Vidyard are also convenient as users need to pay for the services which they use. Vidyard consists of a central dashboard that helps monitor the video performance on different platforms.


  • Marketing-oriented strategies.
  • Optimizes the videos automatically for maximum discoverability.
  • Offers unlimited video hosting and high-quality streaming
  • Password protection option available

10. Cincopa

Cincopa is known for providing dynamic video hosting solutions to its users. This video hosting site is a one-stop solution for all requirements. Cincopa comes up with SEO-friendly embed code that is helpful to gain more leads. This video hosting website provides various advanced features to its users, such as video analytics, screen recording, password protection, various marketing tools, and unlimited storage.


  • Advanced features at an affordable price
  • Helpful in creating professional videos
  • User-friendly dashboard easy to use
  • Powerful security option.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the best video hosting sites is considered an important decision. The best video hosting platform for businesses or users depends upon their technical abilities and the available resources. To have a good brand value, one should give himself the perfect tools to build a brand, broadcast their product, or provide distraction-free content on their website. To choose the right option for their business, users should identify their priorities.

When you choose the best video hosting platform, you should do adequate research as each hosting service have different and unique features. It depends upon the users which hosting site is suitable for them. 

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