Robotic Camera Drone Follows You As It Flies Itself

Lily is a new robotic camera drone that uses GPS, computer vision and a tracking device to follow you and taking photos from the air. Users can shoot 1080p video at 60 frames per second and 720p at 120 fps, as well as 12-megapixel still photos. Lily is waterproof, can fly 25 miles per hour and will last up to 20 minutes on a single charge.

The Lily was created by Antoine Balaresque and Henry Bradlow, who met while studying computer science and working at the UC Berkeley Robotics Laboratory.

Lily Robotics plans on making its new drone available after February 2016. Drone fans can pre-order Lily now for $499.



The evolution of cameras, according to Lily



Lily-Camera-Drone-8 Lily-Camera-Drone-3

The Lily tracking device.

Lily-Camera-Drone-5 Lily-Camera-Drone-diagrams

Here’s a short introduction video that offers a tour of the Lily and shows how it works:

Here are a few sample photos captured by a Lily:

Lily-Camera-Drone-6 Lily-Camera-Drone-7

Lily website via [PetaPixel]