12 Free Subtitles Download Sites for Movies, TV Series, Online Videos

Here are the best websites if you want to download subtitles for your favourite movies, TV series or YouTube documentary videos.

As home entertainment continues to grow, so does the demand for subtitles. At a time when we have unlimited access to entertainment through digital services, the movies we watch are no longer limited to our regional languages alone. Online streaming and downloading services allow individuals to watch movies and TV shows from around the world, thereby catering to a diverse range of entertainment needs.

However, the viewers often face a common problem while watching movies: a language barrier. This is when subtitles become important, allowing the viewers to enjoy movies made in any language. Have a look at some of the best sites to download subtitles from.

1. YIFY subtitles

One of the most popular websites for subtitles, YIFY Subtitles is quite a user-friendly website. It comes with a neat and dark interface that is easy to navigate through. Apart from the interface, a few other factors make it one of the best sites for the purpose too:

  • Users can directly stream these subtitles to Netflix.
  • The subtitles are available in a wide range of languages.

2. OpenSubtitles

Yet another popular website, OpenSubtitles boasts of an impressive database of subtitles. With millions of subtitle files, it offers the users a wide range of language options too. Some of the key features of OpenSubtitles are:

  • The search function is advanced, allowing the users to filter the results as per movie year, season, episode and country.
  • The website also comes with a diversified forum that supports over ten languages.

3. DownSub

DownSub is one of the best free websites to download subtitles from online video hosting sites. If you are searching YouTube subtitle downloader, this is a good web application. Not only YouTube videos, but you can also download video’s subtitle for other platforms like Vimeo, Vlive, Facebook, Viki, Hotstar, and more.

  • DownSub supports subtitles/captions formats like SRT, TXT, and VTT.
  • Easy to use and no sign up needed

4. Addic7ed

A reliable website offering quality subtitles, Addic7ed requires the users to sign up although the downloads are available for free. The website also comes with a dark theme, which gives it a nice look.

  • The subtitles from Addic7ed are well-synced.
  • Typically, it offers subtitles for movies in eighteen languages and that for TV shows in seven languages.

5. Subscene

Subscene stands out due to the fact that it offers content generated for users with impaired hearing. In fact, Subscene was the first website ever to offer subtitles in text that would be friendly to the hearing-impaired.

  • You may request a particular subtitle through the forum.
  • Low quality subtitles can be flagged, after which they are removed if needed.

6. Subs4free

While Subs4free isn’t as diversified as many of the other websites and offers subtitles in English and Hindi only, it is still a popular one. The search function on this site works very well.

  • The users may enjoy subtitles with detailed resolution.
  • The movies are also linked to the latest subtitles.

7. Subdl

A website with an eye-to-use interface, Subdl has become a popular choice among many movie buffs. It comes with a number of advantages as well.

  • The collection of subtitles on this website is large, thus catering to the users very well.
  • A section offers subtitles with various timestamps to make it more convenient for the users.

8. TVsubs

TVsubs is a website that specifically offers subtitles for TV shows and series, packed and stored as WinZip files. The site comes with a search function that is easy to navigate and filter through, along with other great features:

  • The users can check out various statistics.
  • A wide range of language options are available here.

9. ISubtitles

This website is particularly handy for those who watch Indie movies. ISubtitles offers a subtitle of various movies, TV shows and series under this category.

  • The website is mobile-friendly and easy to use.
  • The site comes with detailed descriptions and ratings of the movies or shows, along with a preview of the subtitles.

10. Podnapisi

This website certainly holds a special spot when it comes to linguistic diversity. Known to be reliable, Podnapisi offers tailored search results and a support forum.

  • The vast database contains subtitles of more than 7,000 TV shows and 60,000 movies.
  • Podnapisi offers subtitles in over 110 languages.

11. TVSubtitles.net

This website is a good place to visit if you are looking for subtitles for TV shows. However, it does offer subtitles for some movies as well.

  • Language selection is very simple, making it easy to filter the results.
  • This website does not require the users to get registered in order to be able to download.

12. Megasubtitles

Although infamous for its intrusive ads, Megasubtitles has gained popularity due to its easy navigation. The users can download the subtitles in various formats, including SRT.

  • This website doesn’t redirect users to add pages randomly, which is an annoying feature on some websites.
  • Users may check out the synopsis of a movie here while downloading the subtitles.


Subtitles also prove useful to those with hearing disabilities, as they can understand the movies even without being able to hear the dialogues. Last but not the least, some movies simply contain accents that are hard to understand, or have too much background noise. Whatever the reason you use subtitles for, these eleven sites should be able to cater to your needs well.

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