What is Bitcoin Cloud Mining: 4 Trusted Cloud Mining Sites

Bitcoin cloud mining has become increasingly popular among miners in recent times. And there are few questions that might pop-up in our mind regarding cloud mining, such as what cloud mining is, if it’s profitable, and the trusted cloud mining sites.

Nowadays, it’s hard to find a reputable cloud mining provider that ensures the security of your assets. But here’s the end of your worries. In this post, we’ll walk you through what bitcoin cloud mining is really. We will also give you a foolproof list of some of the free bitcoin mining websites and helpful facts to decide on trusted cloud mining sites for bitcoins. Let’s dive in.

What is Bitcoin Cloud Mining?

Do you already know what bitcoin cloud mining is? Let’s do a quick recap. Or scroll through. Bitcoin cloud mining refers to the process of renting Hash power from a mining company and getting paid accordingly.

You don’t have to take all the hassles of buying expensive and high electricity consuming hardware equipment anymore. This type of mining allows customers to mine bitcoin remotely. You only need to register and purchase mining contracts from the mining firms. And you’re good to go!

4 Free Bitcoin Cloud Mining Websites

You can find thousands of free bitcoin mining websites where you can start mining at no cost. However, paid mining platforms will charge initial fees for hosting and websites to start cloud mining. Obviously, most miners may want to go with free mining websites. We are providing some of the all time trusted cloud mining websites. You may consider starting bitcoin mining without an investment on these platforms.

1. Miningplace.pro 

Miningplace.pro is one of the trusted free bitcoin mining websites with top-notch customer service. This website has an extremely simple sign-up process that gives 100 gigahertz power as a sign-up bonus. Not so tech-savvy? Miningplace.pro is quite easy to understand. You can start mining just by clicking your wallet address and site. 

Moreover, it’s beginner-friendly. As of now Miningplace.pro has more 250 happy customers and 350 trusted vendors. This platform uses the latest hardware for the fastest mining process. And also uses SHA-256 algorithm for security and stability..

Pros of Using Miningplace.pro

  • Free BTC cloud mining website with user-friendly interface 
  • Provides high class security to miners
  • Release the payments of withdrawal requests in just 24 hrs

Cons of Using Miningplace.pro

  • Negative reviews posted by its customers on official website
  • Payment threshold

2. Freemining.co

Freemining.co is a commercial platform that makes industrial bitcoin mining easier for you. The tiers on Freemining.co start from 0.002 Bitcoin and range up to 0.35 BTC. This website provides free tiers.

If you do not want to invest then you can opt for this option. But actually, this free tier option is of no use if you want to make good profit on the website, for it minimizes your withdrawal threshold. 

This platform does not make any delay in the mining or withdrawal processes, so you can easily withdraw after payment gets confirmed. Before each and every investment Freemining.co shows the fee required to proceed with the investment. This helps the users safe from paying any hidden costs or charges.

Like bonuses? Freemining.co has a unique concept of a lucky game where users can easily win bonuses by simply spinning a wheel of sorts. And guess what? You can withdraw this rewarded amount as well. The only limitation this platform has is that you are unable to edit your bitcoin address after adding an initial one.

Pros of Using Freemining.co 

  •  A Free tier option is available for the users for testing
  • The most amazing feature is the lucky game that enables free rewards for you           
  • Transparency is maintained in matters of additional charges

Cons of Using Freemining.co

  • The owners should take care of all the negative reviews reported 
  • Also, users face difficulty in switching bitcoin wallets.

3. Miningbase 

Let’s see what Miningbase has in store. Miningbase is another leading free bitcoin mining website with a bunch of features. This platform offers an instant start mining process automatically just after entering the Bitcoin address by skipping up bothering the signup process. 

Miners can start mining without any investment. And process withdrawal after reaching the minimum threshold of 0.001 Bitcoin. Miningbase has also an affiliate program through which you can earn more by sharing referral links in your network. 

Pros of Using Miningbase

  • 24/7 support by team experts
  • Outstanding commission on affiliate marketing
  • 100% cryptocurrency trader satisfaction
  • Easy switching of cryptocurrency 

Cons of Using Miningbase

  • Toughest competitive trading prices 
  • Complexity

4. Bitland.pro

Bitland.pro is a trusted cloud mining platform available for the miners. This is a freemium bitcoin mining website. Free and paid – both versions are very easily accessible. 

Bitland.pro provides $1 as a signup bonus. Want to know more? The subscription tiers of Bitland.pro are available at $1-$450 only. The higher the subscription tier the higher will be your additional bonus.

You’re also offered an option to add money. And this helps you in getting your rewards faster. Once you are ready with your email and password, you can simply start the account creation and login process with Bitland.pro. 

You need to start by pressing the start icon. Then an option will appear on your screen where you need to select your preferable cryptocurrency. In Bitland.pro numerous currency options are available, such as Dogecoin, Tron, Litecoin, Tether, and Bitcoin

Got any queries? Reach out to their chat support. Also, the number of bonuses offered increases in the case of higher-tier subscriptions. So, you can get yours depending upon your requirements.

Pros of Using Bitland.pro

  • Multiple cryptocurrency options are available
  • You get a good number of tier options
  • You can access the rewards very easily

Cons of Using Bitland.pro

  • Lower Hashrate

Concluding Notes of Bitcoin Cloud Mining

After going through this post you must have a better understanding of free bitcoin cloud mining sites. There are hundreds of websites that provide the bitcoin cloud mining as a paid service, and returns very low to miners. 

That’s the reason why free bitcoin mining websites are trending. BTC cloud mining has drawbacks regarding legitimacy. But the scope of btc cloud mining could be good in future.

FAQ: What is Bitcoin Cloud Mining?

1. Is Bitcoin Cloud Mining Profitable?

Yes, bitcoin cloud mining is profitable for some. So, start mining with a small amount even if you’re sureshot of your success.

2. What is Hash Rate?

Hash Rate is a measuring unit. It helps track the processing power of a Bitcoin network. A Hash Rate equals 5 Th/s implies 5 trillion bitcoin calculations per second.

3. How Will I Choose the Best Bitcoin Mining Software?

Take note of following factors before choosing a bitcoin mining software to make a wise choice.

  • Support for multiple cryptocurrencies
  • Easy to install, navigate, use, and customize
  • Support multiple OSs
  • Automated features offered
  • GUI and command-line interface
  • Compatible with FPGA, ASIC, and GPU
  • Supports mobiles, computers, tablets, and other devices

Some other Bitcoin Cloud Mining websites are ShaminingKryptexHashing24, etc. 

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