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Do you have a hobby, skill, or service that you want to share online? This might be a great opportunity to start a WordPress Blog. There are various platforms such as Tumblr, Ghost, Medium, and Blogger, however, one of the most comprehensive free blogging platforms is WordPress. We’ll cover how to get started with your WordPress blog in this article.

What is WordPress?

WordPress was created in 2003 and started out just specifically as a blogging platform. Now it’s a totally open-source software that you can use to create a robust website for your personal or business usage. WordPress gives you ample opportunity to customize your themes and utilize some valuable plugins.

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While both of these URLs look very similar there are some fundamental differences between and The major variance is that is free open-source and can be installed on a website that is already hosted. is a paid version that is very easy to use but may not be as customizable as the other version. 

Is WordPress Right for Me?

WordPress is completely scalable, meaning that you can be a personal blogger. Or, you can be responsible for the marketing department of a large corporation. Many reputable companies, such as Microsoft utilize WordPress to run their blogs. There are many tools and plugins that you can use to focus on growing your blog and making it “your own”.

How to Get Started With WordPress

Whether you are a seasoned blogger or starting off on your journey, there are many options and resources you can turn to for diving into blogging. Ironically enough there are blogs about starting blogs, you could look up instructions and WordPress tutorials on YouTube or other platforms. Online forums are another great spot to find like-minded individuals who may be able to offer some advice. If you are ready to take an even bigger leap you can search for professional developers. 

There are individuals and companies that have made a career out of developing blogs. Typically you will meet with the developer, go through what your blog will be about, what kind of theme you are interested in, and your plans for growth and engagement. Usually, after that, a custom plan will be created to help you meet your goals.

What Makes a Good Blog?

After you have laid the groundwork, decided on your theme, and thought about what type of blog you want to create, one of the major components will be a consistent posting schedule. Ensuring you have a grasp on SEO, content writing, and are able to source some high-quality and disruptive images will also just benefit you. 

In Conclusion

While there are many free blogging platforms available, one of the most popular happens to be WordPress. This is a totally customizable experience from start to finish that includes endless resources. With a little time, dedication, and perseverance to learn you could be managing a successful blog in no time at all. Take the next steps toward sharing your unique content, and developing an engaging community today. 

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