Tinyupload Alternatives to Upload Files with No Limits

Are you looking for a file upload website with no limits? Tinyupload is one of the best sites that offer file hosting services with no limits. Unfortunately, Tinyupload is no longer available. So, you need to find an alternative file upload website to share your documents anonymously.

Share large files and photos, there are numerous sites that offer solutions to send your files around the world. You can find the best match based on your needs. Here are the best file upload websites.

The Best Websites to Upload Files for Free

1. File.io

Want a fast, but simple file-sharing site. File.io is similar to Tinyuploads because you don’t need to register an account. You can share big files anonymously and securely.

Simply upload a file, share the link, and after it is downloaded, the file is completely deleted.

file io file upload website

2. Jumpshare

If you want to share captured screenshot images or recorded videos, Jumpshare offers file sharing, screenshot capture, and video recording solutions. It gives 2GB free storage space and you can save any kind of images and photos up to a 250 MB upload limit. 

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3. FileTransfer.io

Looking for simple and reliable file transfers. FileTransfer lets you securely share files up to 6GB for free. Files stay uploaded for 21 days. You can send the download link to the recipients’ emails directly from the website.

4. Volafile

Volafile gives free temporary online storage that offers real time filesharing and fast downloads without delays or annoying countdowns.


MEGA is a cloud storage and file hosting service which offers free storage of 20 GB and fast transfers. You can download its app for all major devices and platforms from anywhere with Internet.

6. Ufile.io

Ufile.io provides a file sharing service, upload files without limits, securely & anonymously. Files are encrypted & stored securely in the cloud, for 30 days for free, and permanently for pro users. Upload your files now and get your shareable URL immediately.

7. File Dropper

File Dropper is another service to upload any files without signing up. However, when you want to access your files on any device, you can register a free account to manage and backup your documents.

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