Your Digital Marketing Plan is Incomplete without These Tips

Today the entire corporate sector relies on digital marketing strategies. From selling products or services on social media, creating digital storefronts to pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements, brands are trying different marketing formats to increase profitability. Likewise, marketers are also optimizing websites for the search engine to improve visibility among online audiences. After all, having an attractive digital storefront with user-friendly navigation can enhance the overall shopping experience. 

With plenty of digital marketing forums, crafting a plan seems quite challenging. Do you have any idea from where to start? Before choosing a marketing platform, determine the competition level in digital markets to make your business stand out from the rest. If other brands create blogs and articles, opt for something different such as interactive content, videos, podcasts, etc. 

Similarly, you can create a defined digital value proposition tailored to customer personas. Besides differentiating your online services, it will entice customers to shop from your brand. After all, digital forums allow you to get to know customers from the inside out. If you are ready to step into the most competitive marketplace, let us help you develop a stellar marketing plan. Below are five tips that can streamline your digital marketing plan. 

Tips to Fine Tune Your Digital Marketing Plan

1. Be Smart with SEO 

As tech innovations continue to transform digital marketing, some marketers believe SEO is no longer sufficient. These are nothing but myths because now, search engine optimization has become more crucial than ever. Otherwise, how else can people find your webpage amongst thousands of other websites? Therefore, keep up with SEO’s changing algorithms and take a smart approach towards website optimization. 

Firstly, focus on off page SEO to build brand awareness and drive organic traffic to your website. You can build links, create email campaigns, or offer guest posts on the blog. Likewise, use Google Analytics to determine what people need and seize the opportunity. In addition to building your brand image, you can address different customer segments. After this, look into on-page SEO, and monitor the loading speed, website responsiveness, design, navigation tools, etc. You have to ensure people are not having any trouble while surfing your website.  

2. Utilize Local Service Ads (LSAs)

Have you heard of Google Ads? Well, LSAs are similar to Google Ads but relatively more effective when it comes to promoting products and services. These are more like pay-per-lead ads meaning, instead of paying for every click, marketers have to pay for the leads the business generates. It would connect you with people who are looking for services that you offer. The ads would pop up for customers with a call-to-action, letting them contact you directly. 

In addition to improving conversion rates, LSAs are far more budget-friendly. Do you know how these ads work? You have to set a weekly budget based on the average amount of leads you generate. In case you come across irrelevant or spammy email addresses, the ads software will automatically remove them. Hence, only genuine leads will be coming to your business. And since you will only pay when a customer reaches out to your brand, you can generate real results.

3. Explore Augmented Reality (AR)

In the 21st century, augmented reality is paving its way in the digital world. Brands like Ikea, Warby Parker, and Sephora have already integrated AR into the digital campaigns. Ikea’s AR catalog can display its products in customer’s homes. Likewise, Sephora’s AR application allows people to try cosmetics and skincare products in real-time. You can also think of similar ways to connect with consumers and offer a fantastic shopping experience. 

For instance, if you have a clothing business, use AR to let people try on clothes virtually. It can significantly boost engagement rates since AR provides a newer experience than traditional marketing mediums. However, there is a misconception of AR ads being expensive. In reality, they are more budget-friendly than conventional advertisements. Thus, you have no excuse to ignore this emerging digital marketing trend. 

4. Embrace Video Marketing 

In today’s modern era, videos have become a driving force for digital marketing. According to Cisco’s Annual Report, videos will account for 82% of the internet’s total traffic. Hence, if you don’t have engaging brand videos, begin your video marketing campaign right away. Here are four trends in video marketing that every business must follow. 

  • Storytelling: The concept of storytelling gives the feeling of reality and credibility in videos. Brands such as Toyota, Adidas, and Coca-Cola produce advertisements that bring different people’s stories to the table. Such videos have high engagement rates since it follows a customer-centric approach. 
  • Live Videos: Live video streaming is becoming the most engaging way to interact with the audience. People engage with brands and ask questions while marketers get a chance to answer them in real-time. 
  • Shoppable Videos: Can you imagine buying products through videos? Shoppable video posts have become the talk of the town. These allow customers to purchase products right on the spot through a call-to-action button. It leads viewers to a store where they can complete their purchase journey. 
  • Animated Explainer Videos: Animation has been one of the most actionable marketing practices. Therefore, brands are adding animation to their explainer videos to promote products and services creatively. 

5. Invest Resources in Social Commerce           

Another burgeoning trend with high potential is social commerce. After witnessing increasing dependence on digital marketing tools, Facebook launched social shops in 2020. Now, users can directly view products and checkout from business social media profiles. It shortens the customer journey while improving the shopping experience. Besides, it also offers marketers an opportunity to put their products in front of clients with minimal effort. 

Moreover, brands can increase their engagement and reach through social commerce. Your business will appear on follower’s feeds regularly, offering a powerful branding opportunity. Similarly, if people comment on your posts or share them, your brand will become visible to their entire friend list. Do you know the best part? Social commerce can measure and evaluate performance with its built-in metrics. Hence, with the help of click counts and dwell time, you can determine your virtual shop’s effectiveness. 

Wrapping Up 

In today’s dynamic landscape, digital marketing is no longer a choice. It has become mandatory for businesses who wish to stay afloat in a competitive marketplace. Therefore, upscale your social media and email marketing campaigns and explore new trends in digital marketing. You can give a shot to augmented reality catalogs, open a digital store, or create some captivating videos. These few integrations can help you stay one stead ahead in the market and make your brand thrive.

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